Did you know that you’d need about 1,000,000 (ONE MILLION!) streams on Spotify to earn 3,000$?

Do you ever feel alone and overwhelmed by all you need to do to get even ONE dollar in the bank from your work as a musician?

Do you ever feel numb staring at a blank page or computer screen, unable to come up with good lyrics or a decent musical hook?

Do you ever freak out when you finally get an order in and inspiration just won’t strike?!

Well… ALL of the content on Creative & Productive is designed to help you with these struggles!

As a fellow musician, I can relate and I’ll be sharing all of my experience with YOU. What’s worked and what hasn’t.

Why should you pay attention to what I have to say?

In 12 months, I went from:

  • ZERO licensing deals to 8;
  • 11 songs placed in music libraries to 53; and
  • 9 songs recorded to ONE HUNDRED ready for release by December 2016.

I’m on track to explode ALL of these metrics by the end of 2017!

For the past 3 years, I’ve been working with small and large production music libraries, under exclusive and non-exclusive deals.


This is what you can expect from me:

 in-depth content to help you get your music licensed

all the techniques I used to write and produce 100+ tracks in 2016 alone (50+ were placed in music libraries)

tips & tricks to make sure your tracks stand out from the crowd

 researched articles and constant support to help you beat procrastination and be consistently creative and productive

You’ll get resources to help you take action:

 leads to music libraries and music supervisors

 reading recommendations to learn more about the industry and develop as a musician

⚡ professional and proven email templates to make the right impression

⚡ a spreadsheet to track your music submissions and schedule follow-ups

All YOU have to do is snoop around the website and you’ll find TONS of value!


NOW, how do you know you’re in good hands? Well, really you don’t. I’d recommend checking out the free content around the website and see for yourself.

BUT, if credentials are important to you. Here’s a little something about me. I’m Joyce by the way 😉

This is a picture of meeee when I was a kid….

And this is a picture of meeeee when I was younger than I am nooowwww but not as young as I was before….

Here are some pretty boring credentials:

  • 15+ years at the Conservatory (piano and trumpet)
  • Point Blank Music School in London (electronic music composition and production)
  • Berklee College of Music online (music for TV and Film, orchestration)
  • 50+ tracks composed, produced and placed in 2016

And some more intriguing credentials:

  • Owns a turtle
  • Dog is called “Minuscule” (almost went for “The Dog”, Columbo style)
  • Humor role-model is Chandler
  • Plays football (as in soccer)

There you have it!

Now STOP PROCRASTINATING and go read some pure gold knowledge over at the FREE STUFF clinic for musicians.

It’s right there, conveniently titled free stuff on the menu for crying out loud!