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I’m not exactly what you’d call a traditional teacher but I do love to help out fellow musicians who are trying to get their music licensed and/or need to get out of a creative rut.

So if you’ve been enjoying the free stuff on here and need more support, check out what I have in stock for you below. 😉

Big Joycee

Unlimited song critiques.

Unlimited office hours invites.

Unlimited help with your projects.

Unlimited access to all our training materials.

The Creative & Productive Course is perfect for people who want to finish more songs and make more money making music.


If you find yourself on the list below, then this course is for you.

  • You’re shy but you’d like to get better at networking.
  • You want honest and constructive feedback on your music.
  • You have a hard-drive full of tracks that you’d like to get licensed.
  • You have dozens of song drafts in progress that you want to finish, finally!
  • You have an idea for a blog or YouTube channel but don’t know how to get started.
  • Music copyrights, royalties and PROs are a big fat mystery you’d like to solve once and for all.
  • You’ve been stuck in a creative rut for a while and need someone to help you get back on track.


  • How to finish what you start.
  • How to get your music on TV.
  • How to build a website that sells.
  • How to sell yourself without sounding scammy.
  • How to check if your music is broadcast quality.
  • How to use templates to write music faster, in a variety of genres.
  • How to meet people and reach out to music supervisors without breaking a sweat.

This Creative & Productive Course Bundle is every product we have ever made, rolled into one, and an active community of indie musicians dedicated to helping each other out.

Ready to get started?

Here’s what’s inside the Creative & Productive Course Bundle:

To get the most out of the Creative & Productive Course Bundle, pick & choose ONE Thing you want to prioritize!

Songwriting Challenge
  • Daily Prompt Everyday For 30 Days

  • Stretch Your Musical Comfort Zone

  • Make More Music, Faster

  • Get Feedback On All Your Work

Music Admin Challenge
  • 30 Days, 4 Tasks, 1 Roadmap

  • Protect Your Songs

  • Self-Release Your Work

  • Get Paid

Licensing Challenge
  • Prepare Audio Files For Licensing

  • Submit Music (20 Leads Included)

  • Avoid Common Newbie Mistakes

  • Optimize for Search Engines

Sync Licensing Essentials
  • Get a Feel For the Market

  • Understand Key Licensing Terms

  • Identify Unique Opportunities

  • Act Like a Pro

CP Library_300x250
  • Print the Checklists You Need

  • Make Progress, One Step at a Time

  • Stay Focused

  • Get Support If You Get Lost

Live Office Hours_300x250
  • Talk About Your Projects

  • Get Personalized Feedback

  • Step-By-Step Guidance

  • Accountability Partner


Jasun Testimonial
Testimonial - 85 songs in libraries
Dennis on the Front Page
Ready to get started?

Additional Resources Coming Soon….

Website Challenge
  • Start with Why

  • Organize Your Thoughts

  • Build Your Audience

  • Convert Traffic into Customers

Networking Challenge
  • Identify New Opportunities

  • Network Creatively

  • Stretch Your Comfort Zone

  • Fine-Tune What Works for You

You Tell Me
  • Define Your Music Goals

  • Identify Obstacles

  • Email Me

  • joyce[at]creativeandproductive.com

Ready to get started?