Kelly Pardekooper and I spoke for a couple of hours and talked about a bunch of things, including:

* How he landed his first record deal and started touring in Europe.

* How he got his music on high-profile TV shows like True Blood, Sons of Anarchy, Longmire and Justified.

* Why Kelly agreed to sign an exclusive deal with Black Toast Music and what he did to vet them beforehand.

* Why keeping a part-time job with human interaction is central to his creative process and successful music career.

Kelly’s Latest Album

I’m going to share a few of my favorite Kelly quotes with you in a second but first, please hit play and enjoy the goodness below….

Kelly Quotes

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On getting started – “I didn’t put my first album out until I was 30 and even that, I would consider now a pretty rough demo. I think it’s hard for a lot of musicians to look back 20-25 years and listen to their recordings but it was certainly a very necessary first step.” [04:00]

On cover songs and original music – “I quickly started writing my own songs. I never had any interest in being anything else other than a songwriter who’s creating his own music.” [07:50]

On finding inspiration and structure in the day job – “As I’ve gotten older I’ve come to appreciate that, for me and the way I write songs, that are kind of character story songs, I absolutely need to be interacting with people and these different jobs helped me that way.” [08:30]

On touring in his late 20s/early 30s – “We were at that point in life where we could really drop everything and live very poor out of a van and just sort of go try to play music. […] The very pragmatic side of me felt like: this is a good time to try to do this. I have time to go have a regular job later.” [21:10]

That single-minded focus on playing gigs reminded me of the interview I did with Justin from The Blue Stones.

On building an audience. – “Our band was only concerned about putting on a good show, performing live as much as we could. It was a very grassroots following we built. […] It was before social media. […] Feedback was instantaneous. You could tell if people were up dancing and having a fun time. […] I joke that my music career was about making relationships dozens at a time, not hundreds or thousands.” [23:45]

On writing with licensing projects in mind – “My best advice to any songwriter is to try to tap into what inspires you the most and worry about where it might land later.” [30:45]

Tap into what inspires you the most

On doing due diligence before signing an exclusive deal – “Him wanting to work with me was a pretty quick decision. Me deciding it was ok to sign an exclusive deal was a longer decision. […] I went in slowly and he was fantastic. […] Still, it’s a stranger who’s asking you for the exclusive rights to your music. […] I looked at what he was getting place