None - Difference stock music vs production music

Stock music and production music is the same thing.

Both terms refer to the same type of music.

Music that has been written specifically for use in audio and audio visual projects like podcasts, corporate videos, films and TV shows.

This is in contrast with songs that are first written with live performance in mind for example.

By extension….

Stock Music Libraries = Production Music Libraries

Music libraries that offer that type of music are referred to as stock music libraries or production music libraries.

The music they offer is already in stock in the library.

As opposed to custom audio.

The customer can simply browse a catalogue and purchase a license right there and there.

The music is not personalized or made for a specific project but it’s instantly available.


What if none of my music was written specifically for sync licensing?

Even if your music was not written with sync licensing in mind, you can (should?) submit it to stock music libraries.

It’s free. Why not give it a shot?

Many production libraries will accept songs that were not written specifically with sync licensing in mind.

Some will be interested.

Some won’t be.

Often, they’ll simply be more interested in your instrumental version and/or ignore the version with lyrics completely.

With that in mind, when you send your music to stock music libraries, it makes sense to submit your instrumentals.

That’s what Chuck Hughes does.

You can mention that you have a version with lyrics if they’re interested.

But you don’t have to.


Want to learn more about music libraries?

Check out this FAQ dedicated to music libraries.