Hello ?

Day 1 and day 2 gave you a lot of freedom to write:

  • whatever came to mind,
  • in whatever form you wanted.

That can be intimidating.

Today, we're going to try something different.

Write in a Box

Sometimes, establishing rules and limits helps the creative process.

Give this a try.

Write down a song structure and start filling in each section.

For example, intro – verse – chorus – solo – verse – chorus – chorus -outro.

Don't worry too much about the arrangement you choose for now. It's just a way to get started.

The goal at this stage is to give your creative brain something to focus on and adhere to.

Once you're on a roll, don't be afraid to move on from the song structure that got you started.

Have fun and, as always, feel free to share your work in the comments section.

I listen to all of it ?


Pro tip: if you're writing instrumental music, this exercise will also help you make your compositions more dynamic because it encourages you to make clear musical distinctions between different parts of the arrangement