Hello! ?

Re-write a beautiful song using offensive/vulgar language.

Step 1 (5-10 minutes): Pick a song you find beautiful. It could be one of yours or someone else's song.

Step 2 (10-20 minutes): Rewrite that song's lyrics, using offensive/vulgar language.

Step 3 (10-20 minutes): Does that inspire new music?

If it doesn't, move on. You tried.

If it does, embrace it!

Work on the music, work on the lyrics.

Make this new creature your own.

This last step may take a while so there’s really no need to share your work in the comments this time around.

In fact, this can be a super uncomfortable exercise and one where sharing too early can land you in hot waters so I encourage you NOT to share your work today ?

As always, take it as an experiment and try to have fun!