Hi ?

When you're writing a song, you're creating something out of nothing.

Today, we're going to try to create something out of nonsense…..

Use this random paragraph generator to create nonsense, then write about it.

Some sentences may make more sense than others.

Perhaps none make any sense at all.

That's ok.

Nonsense is great to stretch your imagination. Embrace it.

Get creative !

And have fun of course ?


PS: if you're not used to embracing the madness during your creative process, you may find this challenge a little difficult at first. Don't worry about it too much. Just write what you come up with without worrying about the end-result. We're here to create. Editing comes much later in the creative process ?

PPS: take the plunge and share your work in the comments even (especially?) if it’s not finished. It can be liberating!