Hello !

I'm a big fan of this constraint because it'll encourage you to dig deeper until you find something that really works for you and really challenges your creativity.

Write a tune that features only ONE instrument.

If you’re feeling really creative today or just want to challenge yourself further, try using an object instead of a musical instrument.

If you choose an analog instrument

Then it’s pretty straight forward: you go with a guitar or a piano or a voice and that's your "one" for the next 60 minutes you work on this particular tunes.

Yes, a voice counts as one instrument so if you were planning to write piano/voice, think again!

At least to get started ?

If you choose a digital instrument

Then please embrace the challenge and limit yourself to one sound.

What do I mean by that?

If you load up a synthesizer in your DAW for example, use only ONE instrument or sound from that synthesizer to start with.

Have fun with this!

The results can really be unexpected and pretty rewarding ?

Here’s a tune I recorded years ago using only a flask. Pretty weird, right? To this day, it remains one of the most fun and challenging work session I’ve had in the studio !

Want to share yours in the comments?