April is here and many of us are in lockdown.

Some of us need to be creative to stay sane!

It seems like the perfect time to kickstart a 30 day songwriting challenge.

Are you up for it?

Thoughts Before We Get Started

1 – Don’t put pressure on yourself to write a lot every day. Even 5-10 minutes is cool. Just get the creative juices flowing.

2 – If you miss a day, move on. It’s no big deal. Just keep going with the new prompts. You can always circle back to a prompt you missed later.

3 – Have FUN. Remember you don’t have to show everything you write if you’re not comfortable with it.

4 – Hang in there. I’ve got a cool bonus for you at the end of this little challenge 😉

5 – Share your work as often as you can. If you’re looking to build an audience, it’s important that you start sharing your work as soon and as often as possible. Even when it’s not perfect!

Alright, now that’s said, here’s your first songwriting prompt.

Pick an image and start writing or recording what comes to mind.

Don’t worry if what you come up with doesn’t seem to have any direct link with the image you’re looking at.

The goal here is to kickstart the creative process. Where you go from there is completely free!

There’s no obligation to stick to a theme whatsoever.

Where do you find an image?

You can go and use a completely a random image.

Or you could use an image or painting or drawing you already know and love.

Your call 🙂

Share Your Work

You don’t have to, but I highly encourage you to post a Soundcloud link to your work in the comments section.

I will of course listen to everything and answer your questions if you have any.

Please don’t wait until you think your music sounds perfect or you’ll wait forever.

If you’re looking to build any kind of momentum, be it improving as a songwriter, music producer or simply growing your audience, you must show your work and share it often.

I know it’s scary but this is a safe place and a good space to start if you’ve been putting it off.

Don’t worry, you can always delete it later if you want to!


I’ll be sharing a new prompt here tomorrow.

If you’d like to receive the prompt by email, you can sign up here.