Let’s start with the end in mind and see if we can figure out how to get there.

Looking back at the past few years, going through my photos, memories and planners, I ask myself:

  • who makes me laugh and smile?
  • who do I want to spend more time with?
  • who would I miss the most if they were gone?
  • what kind of things give me a lot of energy?
  • what kind of things bum me out?
  • when do I feel down?

The answers to those questions inform the people and situations I seek out.

Know Thyself, said Socrates


Fast Forward to December 2020, I’ll be happy if….

  • my family and friends are healthy
  • I have a good relationship with them
  • I made enough money to buy a flat
  • the work I do doesn’t feel like work
  • I look good and feel healthy
  • I spent time laughing
  • I helped people
  • I learned new things

I realize some of these are not fully within my control but there are certainly things I can do to help.

That’s what I’ll focus on.

What about you?

Fast Forward to December 2020, you’ll be happy if….