Here’s what we talked about today….

Cover Songs and Sync Licensing

What do you need to do if YOU want to record someone else’s song?

What do you need to do if someone else wants to record one of YOUR songs?

Can you place your recording of someone else’s song on a TV show?

Can someone else’s recording of one of your songs end up on a TV show?

How does THAT work?

ISRC, ISWC and Sync Licensing

What are ISRC and ISWC codes?

Why are they important?

Where do you get them?

Do you need them if you license your songs to an indie filmmaker?

Do you need them if you work with music libraries?

Spotify and Sync Licensing

What’s the difference between music distribution and music licensing?

If you have your music on Spotify, will you still be able to place your music on TV?

Does it improve or hurt your chances of getting your music licensed?

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