Rebecca chose music.

Five years later, she was making 6 figures from recording music in her studio and playing live gigs.

She’s been a six-figure musician ever since!

Here’s how she did it:

Key Takeaways

Here’s what struck me the most from Rebecca’s story.

1- She’s great at leveraging non-music stuff to help her music career

Rebecca speaks Spanish and knows how to code. She’s used both those skills to advance her music career.

What are some skills YOU have that most don’t have? How could you use those skills to get more music gigs?

2- She’s fearless and doesn’t care about making mistakes

I don’t know to what extent fearlessness is a teachable skill but Rebecca’s approach makes a lot of sense.

We are ALWAYS going to make mistakes, especially when we learn something new.

So what?

I’m actually asking you. Take a minute to think about it. What are you trying to learn/accomplish? So what if you make mistakes along the way? What’s the big deal?

3- She knows what she wants and puts in the work to get it

When she decided to learn the piano, she studied after work with one clear goal in mind: learn enough songs that she could play a full gig and get paid.

When she was learning Spanish, she made sure she studied and practiced regularly.

What is it YOU want? Is there a specific goal you could aim at and work for?

4- She’s always looking to improve and try new things

Moving to Arizona, teaching herself Spanish, learning the piano on the job, collaborating with a hedge fund manager on his vanity project.

Not everything works out but she keeps going.

And she keeps improving, as a musician, a human and a business woman.

Now she’s only just getting started with music licensing…. but I can’t wait to see what she comes up with! 🙂

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