I know two dudes who make around $400,000 a year writing trailer music in one case and film music in the other.

They have two things in common.

1- Their Online Presence Sucks

Trailer guy’s online numbers/social media strategy

  • no artist page on Spotify;
  • 2 videos on YouTube and Vimeo;
  • 163 likes on his Facebook page;
  • 480 followers on Twitter;
  • no Insta; and
  • a pretty basic website with a list of credits and a contact page.

Film music guy’s online numbers/social media strategy

  • 1,509 followers and 2,621 monthly listeners on Spotify;
  • No YouTube or Vimeo;
  • 597 likes on his Facebook page;
  • No Twitter or Insta; and
  • an ugly-looking website with a 2016 copyright.

What’s the other thing they have in common?

2- They’re Both Bloody Great At What They Do!


Well, natural talent probably plays a part but then….

They live and breathe music!

Their own music and the music of others.

They’ve been working at their craft for years and it shows.

Why Am I Telling You This?

Because I feel like their social media numbers remind us of a few important things we tend to forget when we’re out there alone, trying to keep our music career moving forward.

1- There are different ways to do things

Some create the buzz on YouTube and never look back. Others stay in the background and make a fortune without most people ever knowing their name.

So what?

So if you’re not into it, maybe putting a lot of energy in a half-baked social media strategy is not the best use of your time.

social media strategy for musicians

2- Appearances can be deceptive

My two friends are not famous but they’re both earning lots of money doing something they love in an incredibly competitive industry.

So what?

So maybe don’t look down on people who have unimpressive social media numbers. A little further investigation may uncover a pretty decent career and a potential mentor.

3- The music comes first

Every successful musician I know has one thing in common: they worked HARD at their craft. They’re really good at music because they’ve practiced a LOT.

So what?

So go and hone your skills! Make sure you’ve got a great product to offer. Music that will make people cry, or dance, or scream, or all of those things together!

Make us feel alive and connected.

Go on, do it. I’m listening 🙂

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