I've said it before, I'll say it again: share your work.

Put it out there asap.

If you're worried about not being ready, don't be.

Mindset – Don't worry about what others think of you

1- Not many people will notice your music if it's not great.

2- If it's terrible, they might notice but they'll soon forget.

3- If you can't shake the anxiety, use a pseudonym to try out stuff and see what sticks.

If you're worried about others stealing your work, don't be.

1- You can easily protect your work.

2- It's unlikely to happen.

"The most common objection I have heard over the years to building an MVP* is fear of competitors – especially large established companies – stealing a startup's ideas. If only it were so easy to have a good idea stolen! Part of the special challenge of being a startup is the near impossibility of having your idea, company, or product be noticed by anyone, let alone a competitor." Eric Ries in The Lean Startup

*MVP stands for Minimum Viable Product. In the startup world, entrepreneurs are encouraged to ship a beta version of their product early so they can start gathering real-life feedback asap instead of relying on dubious, theoretical market research.

3- If someone does steal your work, you can always take it as a sign you're on the right track and make even more music!

What's Stopping You?

If you have a good reason for not putting yourself out there right now, let me know in the comments.