The first thing you need to wrap your head around is…

You’re ALREADY writing music for film and TV.

Yes, even if you’re writing in an incredibly weird and niche sub-genre, there is room for your music in films and/or TV and/or video games and/or advertising.

Don’t believe me?

Read on!

If you’re in a hurry, skip directly to the sub-section that interests you the most.

In each section, I’ll be showing you the wide range of music that is currently being used.

TV Shows


Music On TV Shows

Here’s a playlist with 7 tracks from current TV shows (writing this in January 2018). 

Have you listened to all 7 tracks, even for just 30 short seconds? Did you notice anything?

Yep. They’re all different!

And before you accuse me of picking and choosing to prove my point, I really didn’t…. and I can prove it 😉

Here’s EXACTLY what I did to come up with these 7 examples of music in TV shows: