It’s that simple.

As a songwriter/music producer, it’s all you should be focusing on to grow your audience: finishing songs and promoting songs.

Make stuff, show it to people
Everything else is secondary.

Posting on social media, networking, spending time in the studio, learning how to play the guitar, reading this blog…. None of it matters if it’s not serving one (finishing songs) or the other (promoting songs).

Posting on social media is fine if people are actually engaging with you and clicking on the links you send them.

Going to networking events doesn’t help much if you don’t know how to define your music or who you want to work with.

Spending time in the studio is only a positive if you’re making progress. Obsessing over a single song for months is not making progress.

Learning how to play the guitar on YouTube is great if you actually take the time to practice and learn new skills that you can experiment with in your own songs.

Reading this blog is only helpful if you take action.

The bottom line is….

You should either be making music or doing everything you can to make it visible.

If you can do both at once, even better!

Examples of things you can do to finish songs and/or promote them:

Time is limited of course.

You can’t do everything.

All the more reason to focus on what actually matters.

Make stuff. Show it to people.

Finish songs. Promote songs.

If you’re feeling stuck and/or overwhelmed, don’t stress about it. We’ve all be there 😉

Just let me know what you need help with in the comments and I’ll do my best to point you in the right direction.