This post is a bit special….. I’m interviewing Justin Tessier, drummer extraordinaire for The Blue Stones.

Justin and Tarek Jafar met in high-school. They are the duo behind The Blue Stones, a blues-rock duo based in Windsor, Ontario.

3 Reasons You Don’t Want To Miss What Justin Has To Say

Featured on TV

The Blue Stones have been featured on Suits, Parks and Rec, Battle Creek and Monday Night Football.

The rumour has it....

They knew about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s engagement before the Queen herself!

Opened for class acts

They’ve opened for acts such as Justin Nozuka, Fitz and The Tantrums, Big Sugar and more.

And they're still going....

Check out what they’re up to on Bands in Town.

Killing it on Spotify

They have 153,847 monthly listeners on Spotify, raking in over 5,000,000 streams with just 2 songs.

New Music is Coming Soon....

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The Interview

So there you have it. The interview’s 50 minutes long but it’s goooood!

We talk about music business, tactics to sell merch, scoring high-end licensing gigs, working with a management team and lots LOTS more 🙂

You really have two options:

  • Schedule some time to sit back and relax, listen and take notes.
  • Switch to the Youtube view to access the show notes and jump around the video at will.

Key Takeaways

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