Hi there,

This is a post for composers who don’t know where to start, beginners or seasoned musicians who are in a rut and want to get going (again).

Step 1: block out the next 30 minutes, set your timer and commit to no distractions until it goes off

Step 2: open your DAW

Step 3: import a song you like and find inspiring

Step 4: change the tempo of your DAW project to the song imported (tip: download a BPM counter on your smartphone and start tap tap-ing)

Step 5: listen to the song while writing down the arrangement in your DAW (e.g. intro, verse 1, chorus, verse 2, bridge, chorus, instrumental, chorus, chorus, outro)

Step 6: listen to the song again, and over and over as you create one new instrument track for each new element of the song you hear (e.g. drums, bass, rhythmic guitar, lead guitar, vocals, violins, ear candy, riser)

Step 7: keep listening to the song as you add empty blocks where each instrument is active

Step 8: delete the song you imported earlier from your DAW

Step 9: save your project (it’s an important one that one, don’t forget to save your project!)

Step 10: get going! Choose the instruments you’re going to use (analog or otherwise) and fill in those blocks!