One Simple Trick To Improve Your Music Writing Skills…

Whether you’re a complete beginner or seasoned music composer, there is ONE, unbeatable trick that will ALWAYS improve your music writing skills… And the best thing is that it’s FREE! So what is it? I know, I know, you’ve probably thought about that one before 😉 and yet, until now, [...]

The Muse Strikes by 9 A.M.

Building a morning routine that includes a 30 minute music session has been the single most impactful decision in my life when it comes to composing. Before that, I used to wait for inspiration to strike. For periods of time, the muse showed up fairly often and then it stopped, [...]

Can a creative be productive?

Mmmmm... let me think... Many many years ago, a pompous math student argued that artists don’t produce anything of value. I looked at him, just as confused as he looked at me. We simply didn’t get each other. Since then, I’ve thought a lot about what artists in general and musicians [...]

10 steps to get started

Hi there, This is a post for composers who don't know where to start, beginners or seasoned musicians who are in a rut and want to get going (again). Step 1: block out the next 30 minutes, set your timer and commit to no distractions until it goes off Step 2: open [...]