A few months ago, I stumbled on an evening routine that makes me very happy.

It's only right that I share it with you! ?

The routine is easy: I ask myself 3 questions.

It takes 5 minutes and makes me smile.

1 – What Made Me Happy Today?

This is the premise: the whole point of life is to be happy and make others happy.

Do you agree?

What's the point of anything otherwise?

With that in mind, I ask myself every day what made me happy.

Off the top of my head, this has helped me:

  • feel grateful
  • find beauty and joy in the small things
  • stem the tide when I have a few meh days in a row
Rowing in the Swedish archipelago the wind suddenly stopped and the water became this oily super smooth surface. We stopped moving and got fascinated by the water drops forming patterns on the surface. Even the most common thing can turn into something beautiful under the right circumstances.
The ripple effect?

Some examples from the past few weeks:

"Read and sip coffee at lunchtime"

"Not sure…. I had an ok day but didn't do or feel anything special."

"Learning a bunch of new things"

"Saying no to a night out because I know I should rest (proud of myself! I made the right call πŸ™‚ )"

2 – What Would I Do Differently?

I don't beat myself up when I feel like I've messed up or I haven't made the most of my day.

But I find it helpful to notice that behaving a certain way or doing (or not doing) certain things made me feel like crap.

Since I started doing this, my relationships with friends, family and colleagues has improved.

There were already good. But now they're better.

I feel loved and appreciated and take pleasure in making others feel the same way.

Brothers // Koalas have no natural enemies. In order to process their food, they need to sit still for 21 hours a day. So human cuddling and handling isn’t good for them.
More good vibes coming your way πŸ™‚

3 – What Would I Like to Do Tomorrow?

Not what I have to do.

What I'd like to do.

Of course, there are some things that would never get on my list if I only asked myself what I'd like to do!

For example:

  • do accounting
  • fill out forms
  • follow up on contracts

That's why, every now and then, I'll reframe the question and give this prompt a try:

Tomorrow evening, I'll be happy if….

For some reason, it's sometimes easier to fill the blanks.

Sure, answering emails is rarely top of my list when I ask myself what I'd like to do tomorrow BUT….

I know I'll feel great if I do it.

Asking what I need to do to feel happy and relaxed in 24 hours fills me with enough motivation to get the boring stuff done.

In fact, very often, I'll just get out of bed and do the damn thing right away!

Here's an example from last week.

My evening routine in Feb 2020

Do You Have an Evening Routine You Love?