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License The Music You Love Making

Step By Step Roadmap to Find Licensing Opportunities That Are A Good Fit FOR YOU


Our support teams work around the clock and are always available 24/7. Just submit a ticket.


Our WordPress installs run faster and more efficient than on any other hosting platform around.


Our sites are never hacked. We back everything up each and every day. It’s bullet proof goodness.


Whether your site has 10 or 1 million visitors, our hosting works for you 100% of the time.

Here’s What’s Included in the Get Your Music Licensed! Program

The Admin Essentials

Get Your Music Licensed Features

Here’s Where Get Your Music Licensed! Stands Out From Other Online Courses

Indie Musicians Love Us

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It, Read It From Them

Flexible Pricing Plans

We Have Courses To Suit Every Stage Of Your Licensing Career



◊ Get the Admin Basics Right
◊ Understand Audio Files and Metadata
◊ Find Keywords That Make Your Tracks Stand Out
◊ Start Sending Your Music Out
◊ Focus on Music Libraries (Includes 20 Leads)




◊ Get the Admin Basics Right
◊ Understand Audio Files and Metadata
◊ Find Keywords That Make Your Tracks Stand Out
◊ Send Your Music To Libraries (Includes 90 Leads)
◊ Work With Co-Writers
◊ Self-Publish
◊ Research and Build Your Own Customer List




30 WordPress Install
500K Monthly Visitors
50GB Storage
Includes 24/7 Support


The Live Office Hours Are The Most

Powerful Part of The Course!

As a student in the Get Your Music Licensed! program, you get several months of access to the Live Office Hours. Twice per month we all hop on a live call and go through whatever students need:

We'll live brainstorm keywords for your songs on the calls.
We'll live re-write your music submission emails on the calls.
We'll help identify licensing opportunities for your catalogue.
We'll review your artist website.
We'll help answer questions about contract terms and pricing.

Whatever the student needs, we'll do it! Any question is fair game.

Can't make one of the calls?
No worries! We have a section where you can pre-ask questions, and we'll answer it during Office Hours time. You can then watch the recording of the call to see your question being reviewed and answered:


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