bmi is the best performance rights organization for indie songwriters


Why is BMI the Best PRO?

1- There’s no registration fee to join.

2- They make things easy for indie songwriters.

3- Like ASCAP, BMI operates on a non-profit-making basis.


How Does BMI Make Things Easy for Indie Songwriters?

If you self-publish a song, then BMI will pay you the publisher’s share of performance royalties automatically.

You don’t have to do ANYTHING.

You don’t even have to open a publisher’s account with them.

What If a Music Library Wants the Publisher’s Share?

No problem.

If you sign a deal with a music library that wants to act as your publisher, they’ll register your songs with a PRO and include your information as the songwriter and their information as the publisher.

However, if the deal you signed with them is non-exclusive, you can register those same songs with BMI with no publishing information attached.

When the song is broadcasted, BMI will look at the information on the cue sheet to determine who should get paid.

If the library’s information is on there, it’ll mean the library got that placement for you and is entitled to the publisher’s share of performance royalties.

If only your information is on there, BMI will understand you acted as your own publisher and will pay you the publisher’s share of performance royalties.


Hang on….

Publisher’s share? Songwriter’s share?

How Do Performance Royalties Work Anyway?

PRO and performance royalties