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August 2019

August 2019 Q&A


In today's live session, we talked about best practices to get your music on popular TV shows, how to prepare stem files, which songs to choose when you submit music and how having your music on Spotify can impact your licensing opportunities.

August 2019 Q&A2019-11-13T21:00:44+02:00

July 2019

July Q&A


In today's live session, we talked about saving time on metadata, finding libraries that have lots of visitors, an easy way to think about loudness levels, how to handle ISRCs, stem files and lots more.

July Q&A2019-11-13T21:00:52+02:00

June 2019

June Q&A


In today's live session, I answered and shared my thoughts on two big questions. 1- Do you still get royalties when your music is in a "royalty-free" library? 2- How do you overcome the fear of submitting music? Both answers are counter-intuitive.

June Q&A2019-11-13T21:01:00+02:00

May 2019

May Q&A


First ever Creative & Productive YouTube live session. We talked about mixing and mastering for film and TV, how to write good emails that get answered, music libraries that buy-out your tracks, how the market of sync music has changed over time.

May Q&A2019-11-13T21:02:51+02:00

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